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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) gearing up

The NESTORE partner University of Barcelona led on the ethical implications of the project's digital coach.

A multidisciplinary team coordinated by Dr. Itziar de Lecuona, newly elected director of the Observatory of Bioethics and Law - UNESCO Chair of Bioethics at the University of Barcelona, has developed a methodology and an agile tool to carry out a DPIA in health based on the model of the Catalan Authority for Data Protection.

This proposal has been adapted to the specific needs of the health care system to evaluate personal data treatments in research and innovation processes. The results are a methodology and a tool that allows a self-assessment to detect risks in the processing of personal data and their mitigation using simple/plain language; with definitions and examples to identify the actors involved and to describe the data processing in order to measure the risks and to establish an action plan.

More information here:


NESTORE also invites to read this interview to Prof. De Lecuona on ethics and algorithms: For the moment both interview and video are in Catalan, but they will soon be available in Spanish and English.



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Policies' evolutions on ageing and digital solutions: NESTORE contributes its policy recommendations

Short overview of NESTORE policy recommendationsFollowing the recently adopted Council of the European Union’s Conclusions on “Mainstreaming Ageing in Public Policies” (12 March 2021) by the initiative of the Portuguese Presidency, and in line with the Council’s Conclusions adopted on 9 October 2020 under the German Presidency, NESTORE is happy to release its first version of policy recommendations which contribute the European debate to promote human rights on ageing and a mainstreamed approach to digital solutions to cope with the challenges brought by the demographic change.

This infographic provides a quick glimpse into a more extensive deliverable, built on the experience of the project and touching issues like ageism, inequalities, co-creation, data management and decision making in the era of artificial intelligence.

Conceived by AGE within the NESTORE project, these policy guidelines hope to sustain the debate around the Europe’s Digital Decade.

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The NESTORE book: Digital Health Technology for Better Aging

This is the final effort of the NESTORE consortium!

This book describes the multidisciplinary approach needed to tackle better ageing and as implemented across the project. Well-designed technology keeps people empowered, independent, and mobile; however, despite widespread adoption of ICT in day-to-day life, digital health technologies have yet to catch on. To this end, technology needs to be effective, usable, cheap, and designed to ensure the security of the managed data.

In the era of mHealth, mobile technology, and social design, this book describes, in six sections, the collaboration of polytechnic know-how and social science and health sectors in the creation of a system for encouraging people to engage in healthy behavior and achieve a better quality of life.


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The end of the road, not the end of the journey!

Difficult roads bring to wonderful destinations

A 42-month-old journey comes to an end. The Horizon2020 project NESTORE, funded to deliver a prototype for a virtual coach to motivate healthy and active habits for better well-being, virtually met many of its stakeholders during an on-line final workshop on 25 February 2021.

Over 90 attendees explored and discussed the project’s challenges and lessons learnt in co-design, technological development, pilot organization and implementation, and exploitation. Exchanges brought vCARE, CAPTAIN and Council of Coaches, fellow research projects, to share their finding and legacy. The event also allowed the European Commission to dive into its strategies supporting digital solutions for ageing well, including the Green Paper on Ageing and the European Health Data Space.

To manage expectations, complexity and fragmentation in the user experience and technologies in such a multi-dimensional project was no easy task. As the NESTORE Scientific Coordinator reminds, “life is an extraordinary travel, getting older is sometimes an Odyssey…” but NESTORE tried to indicate the right pathway. Its approach was to contribute to well-being in older age with good teamwork, overcoming a world-wide pandemic, and supporting with ongoing efforts to a paradigm shift, bringing prevention at the center. NESTORE emphasized that each of us can act towards our own well-being, by empowering the users with some friendly and useful digital solutions sustaining one’s motivation to remain healthy and active, especially when a boost is needed.

The consortium wished the journey could have been much longer. That could have offered the opportunity to strengthen the co-design results, to run a validation study on a larger sample and to raise more awareness around reimbursement issues and innovative services, which require innovative business models and policies.

But this can be part of a next journey.


Here below the presentations displayed at the final event:

Introduction, by Giuseppe Andreoni

Presentation from DG CONNECT, by Irina Kalderon-Libal

Presentation from DG SANTE, by Ander Elustondo Jauregui (PPT not disclosable)

Challenges and lessons learnt from co-design, by Paul Chamberlain

Challenges and lessons learnt from technology, by Ciprian Candea

Challenges and lessons learnt from user experiences, by Laura Fernandez

Challenges and lessons learnt from exploitation, by Emanuele Lettieri

Spotlight on vCARE, by Massimo Caprino

Spotlight on CAPTAIN, by Evdokimos Konstantinidis

Spotlight on Council of Coaches, by Harm op den Akker

Final conclusions, by Cinzia Mambretti, Ilenia Gheno, Giuseppe Andreoni


For information, please find also the press releases after the event, in its English and Italian versions.


What follows is the registration of the event. The presentation from DG SANTE has been cut as not disclosable.

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Final Workshop - Join the event

NESTORE hold its final event on-line, on February 25th 2021.

Join the workshop on GoToMeeting:

The final agenda encompasses voices from the European Commission (DG CONNECT and DG SANTE), NESTORE partners and representatives from the PM-15 group (Personalised coaching for ageing well).

Designers, developers, users, public authorities and businesses are invited to explore the lessons learnt in more than three years of activity, and to exchange with other PM-15 partners what is worth be shared in terms of co-design, technology and user experience.

For any information, please contact