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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) gearing up

The NESTORE partner University of Barcelona led on the ethical implications of the project's digital coach.

A multidisciplinary team coordinated by Dr. Itziar de Lecuona, newly elected director of the Observatory of Bioethics and Law - UNESCO Chair of Bioethics at the University of Barcelona, has developed a methodology and an agile tool to carry out a DPIA in health based on the model of the Catalan Authority for Data Protection.

This proposal has been adapted to the specific needs of the health care system to evaluate personal data treatments in research and innovation processes. The results are a methodology and a tool that allows a self-assessment to detect risks in the processing of personal data and their mitigation using simple/plain language; with definitions and examples to identify the actors involved and to describe the data processing in order to measure the risks and to establish an action plan.

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NESTORE also invites to read this interview to Prof. De Lecuona on ethics and algorithms: For the moment both interview and video are in Catalan, but they will soon be available in Spanish and English.