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A flourishing of co-design across Europe

Finding ways to design with people is at the heart of the research underpinning NESTORE. Since the project began, researchers in Lab4Living have been sharing their experience and expertise of co-design with colleagues on the project in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Colleagues in these countries have built confidence in this methodology and have facilitated a number of workshops.


Using the methodology shared by the Lab4Living research team, La MERIDIANA have facilitated activities with a total of 21 older. These workshops have enabled older people to share their views, preferences and needs regarding the use of technologies in daily life. In addition, older people within this group have offered feedback on both the wearables and the tangible coach.

The Netherlands

Users’ activities started in February 2018. Again, drawing on the tools and techniques to support co-design, Preventie Collectief facilitated four activities with a total of 31 people. Through these workshops rich insights were gained in relation to the qualities older people value in relation to everyday technologies. This has led to further involvement of this group in testing the app and chatbot and the the tangible coach who have offered feedback, particularly in relation to the prioritization of coaching activities.


Co-design sessions began in Spain in February 2018. Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB (FSIE) facilitated five activities involving 47 participants who shared thoughts about technology. Five additional sessions have built understanding about prototype use to help shape the NESTORE system. 

These workshops are just the beginning. The next phase of the process involves the engagement of older people in each of these countries to test pre-prototypes of the system as a way of building understanding how the system needs to be shaped and developed. Watch this space to see the outcomes of the piloting activities.

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