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Recording: Webinar on data sharing in digital healthy ageing projects

You were 70 to attend our webinar on data sharing in digital healthy ageing projects. We hope you find it interesting and that we will keep the conversation going! You could not attend? You want to share what you learnt? You have additional questions? Find your response below!


New Catalan report on Data Protection quotes our expert in ethics

One year ago, the Catalan Authority on Data Protection invited our expert in ethics and data protection, Itziar Lecuona, to be part of the report on data protection and AI, etc. The report was issued last January 2020 and builds on the NESTORE case study.


Health prevention and promotion: policy recommendations under preparation by NESTORE

Policy is essential, as prevention is. And policy is a key dimension to ensure prevention is comprehensive and structured. NESTORE aims to deliver policy recommendations addressing the key issues that European, national and local policy makers should prioritize to improve the quality of ageing in our digital societies.


NESTORE closes its testing phase!

We are happy to announce that the testing phase of NESTORE concludes today! During the last weeks, users have been involved in many tests to ensure the smooth operation of our system with our technical partners.


How NESTORE became an integrated system

At the end of January 2020, technical partners of the NESTORE project gathered in Milan, Italy for a very final integration meeting. The aim of the encounter was to test the last updates of the NESTORE components, exchange the experiences during the tests and discussed the next steps. We are glad to announce that this meeting was productive and successful!


Our technology is GDPR-ready!

The European Union latest regulation in terms of data protection came into force in 2018. In the NESTORE project, we are committed to provide compliant Coaching applications.


Merry Christmas and happy 2020!

We've had a wonderful year with you! The whole NESTORE team wishes you restful and happy holidays and a great start into the new year! We look forward to advancing healthy ageing with you in 2020!


They Talk About Us!

There are no more comforting words than that of a friend, there are no more convincing words than that of a critic. This is why besides the information provided by NESTORE partners in our news section, we have decided to open a new website section for mentions of the project in the press and other media.