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Our technology is GDPR-ready!

The European Union latest regulation in terms of data protection came into force in 2018. In the NESTORE project, we are committed to provide compliant Coaching applications.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines high level requirements that each EU member state must implement in its national laws. Other laws must also be respected i.e. the e-Privacy Regulation or the new Cookie law envisioned for 2019.

In NESTORE, we set in place two types of measures to ensure the compliance of out technology.

(1) Organizational measures ensure that data processing is legal: concretely, it means that the NESTORE application is properly regulated within terms and conditions, that we are collecting users' explicit consent, notifying the data protection authority, defining a website privacy policy, performing security risk assessments, etc. 

(2) Technical measures are of high-level importance too: GDPR does not define a way to comply with security and technical dispositions. NESTORE is built in respect to assure best technologies and procedures for authentication, access control, encryption of data in transfer and during storage, secured audit log, security monitoring and updates, backup, and reliability.

The data protection regulations strengthen citizens' rights and thereby aim to help restore trust in technology and those who develop and operate them. Better data protection rules mean you can be more confident about how your personal data is treated, particularly online. 

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