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How NESTORE became an integrated system

At the end of January 2020, technical partners of the NESTORE project gathered in Milan, Italy for a very final integration meeting. The aim of the encounter was to test the last updates of the NESTORE components, exchange the experiences during the tests and discussed the next steps. We are glad to announce that this meeting was productive and successful!

NESTORE adopts an evolutionary architecture that allows for incremental change, thus ensuring the overall agility of the system. The core of the NESTORE system is integrating the specifications for user management, decision support system, coach interaction and pathways, Internet of Things.

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How we succeeded

The NESTORE platform integrates software modules that are created by different teams using appropriate databases and programming languages and techniques. The inter-application communication / integration of the NESTORE system took place through different integration layers.

Data layer - Integration consists on moving data between different data sources: extracting data from its source, processing it conveniently and moving it to another data source. The NESTORE system modules that were developed respect as much as possible the Ontology guidelines.

Application Interface Layer - This level focuses on application interoperability through sharing a common business logic. It is made possible thanks to a predefined programming interface. NESTORE implemented a REST API to expose the interface from different packages, or custom applications to consume their services or retrieve their data.

Method Layer - This level is called business integration level as it comprises the business logic of NESTORE: services to access shared data, security, and underlying rules.

User Interface Layer - This level is dedicated to creating standardized interfaces: browser-based and mobile ready to provide a unified end user experience. 


Now that the NESTORE system integrates all component, and that the user testing closed, we are excited to start our pilot activities!

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