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Integration System

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The integration activities aim to offer to the end-users a compact NESTORE system, composed by wearable devices with biosensors, environmental sensors, food monitoring solution, a software for decisional support and a virtual coach. The whole system will guide the NESTORE users towards a healthy lifestyle.

While leveraging state of the art technologies, the innovation in NESTORE’s architecture relies on its capacity to:

  • provide a set of basic services by different apps, potentially offered by different stakeholders;
  • to offer personal and personalized support according to the user needs and interest;
  • to ease communication with family and friends as well as with careers;
  • to propose external services based on “group” of interests.

In designing these systems, two major directions are addressed: system architecture and e-coaching mechanisms. The architecture of the system is the basis of the entire system and determines the potential of the future coaching mechanism and its possibilities of intervention. The design of the presented architecture is done in a way that allows its use for various e-coaching solutions. It also addresses aspects that are found within the coaching system such as: personality characterization (such as gender, age, attitude, coaching goal, progress, and past experiences).

Architecture integrates three interconnected and complementary components essential for the e-Coaching activity, which are the Monitoring System, the Decision support system (DSS) and the Virtual Coach . These components must work together and integrate each other, allowing also other applications to be easily added, while all components must comply with the cloud’s infrastructure requirements.

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Shared modules comprise: Identity Manager, Security Manager, User Profile, and Log Service that are used by Nestore.

A wide range of data is used by the system, e.g. user data, sensor data, actuator access, and service membership, which are subject to security and privacy. Each of these areas offer a proper security level which is audited for compliance with existing rules.

For more information on the system integration, please contact ROPARDO and FLEX.