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Forum of Advisory Stakeholders: main feedback on the NESTORE individual exploitation outputs

Whereas the NESTORE pilot partners are extensively testing the system and pilot users are getting acquainted with its components, the Forum of Advisory Stakeholders (FAS) has not been sitting silent.

Along the months of April and May 2020, the exploitation leader (Politecnico di Milano) undertook a set of analysis and consultations on its individual exploitable outputs, and the FAS eagerly replied to such call for input.

It is now possible to go through the project’s nutritional recommendation system, the smart tattoo, the Place4Seniors platform and the tangible coach to grasp their essential features and reflect on their potential impact, as the FAS did. Have a look to the main feedback here.

More extensive and detailed outcomes by the FAS members are reported in the deliverable D8.2 - Report on NESTORE organisational and business model, and will be considered for the final recommendation on exploitation by WP8.

A big thank you to the NESTORE FAS for the efforts and commitment!

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