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Ethics in innovation project: an insight by Itziar de Lecuona

Are older persons considered among stakeholders that must be engaged following the Responsible Research and Innovation principles (RRI)? What is the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in research projects dealing with personal data? These questions framed the intervention of Itziar de Lecuona, law and bioethics specialist and lecturer at the University of Barcelona, at the AAL Forum.

Ethics are under strict monitoring in EU-funded innovation projects. In NESTORE, Itziar de Lecuona is dealing with GDPR, ethical, legal and social issues and providing guidance to the partners to ensure the perfect compliance of the project with the latest regulations and ethical concerns of potential users of the NESTORE solutions.

Building on the NESTORE experience, Itziar gave a talk at the AAL Forum (see Workshop 15) where she reminded the audience - mainly composed of participants to Active and Assisted Living projects - that "the law cannot deal with everything". She invited innovators and technologists to take their share in making sure the solutions they develop respect people's human rights, preference and dignity.

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