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Report: NESTORE presented to the Demographic Change Regions Network

On 6 December 2019, our partner Ilenia Gheno from AGE Platform Europe - the network of older persons in Europe, contributed to a meeting of the Demographic Change Regions Network (DCRN) with a presentation on “Embracing the users’ experience for locally implementing digital solutions”.

NESTORE was one of the case studies included in Ilenia's presentation as:

1. An innovative, multi-dimensional, and personalized coaching system
2. A comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing operating in all dimension of human life
3. A bridge to physical and virtual domains through tangible objects and sensors, software and apps
4. A solution co-designed with older people having a say on their wellness

The event was attended by regional offices’ representatives, which gave Ilenia the occasion not only to disseminate the latest developments of our projects, but also to seek the views of the attendees ahead of the preparation of policy recommendations (to be delivered at the end of the project).