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Health prevention and promotion: policy recommendations under preparation by NESTORE

Policy is essential, as prevention is. And policy is a key dimension to ensure prevention is comprehensive and structured. NESTORE aims to deliver policy recommendations addressing the key issues that European, national and local policy makers should prioritize to improve the quality of ageing in our digital societies.
Since the exchanges with the Forum of Advisory Stakeholders and the policy event held in Rotterdam on October 2019, health prevention and promotion have been debated at length, alongside with their complexity. Among them:
  1. public and private funds must intervene nowadays, but see their return on investment in many years from now;
  2. regional and national laws and practices add a further challenge to a more systemic approach to health;
  3. scientific evidence lacks, as well as significantly sound trials on digital technologies for healthy ageing;
  4. without neglecting the cultural and socio-economic issues driving the debate around health and prevention, among others.
NESTORE’s ambition is to contribute to a change of paradigm that will take advantage of the great potential of digital technologies to adopt a sound and comprehensive preventive approach to health.
To this aim, the project gathered already the willingness to cooperate by the Mayor of Schiedam (Netherlands), whose policy department is much interested in making NESTORE become a reality. The city of Rotterdam also looks at NESTORE with interest, for its potential in coping with the large health inequalities affecting the city by acting on the prevention side.
NESTORE’s work on policy recommendations has just started, and it would in principle cover the following relevant topics, among others:

- Digital (health) literacy
- Data management
- Standards & interoperability
- Circular Health and advise for Clinical trials
- Investing in prevention